Friday, 1 February 2013


Day two of being off work. I hate being ill. Yesterday I didn't even feel up to knitting, that's how bad it was. Today I hate being ill even more because I should have a training run today. The thought of a horrid red square showing a missed run is galling. I know I shouldn't even contemplate training today but I so very badly want to get out and run!

I wonder if yoga counts as cross training? I've seen this subject debated on various running forums and I guess in the end it depends on each person. Recently I've begun 'mindful running'- instead of running with an empty mind I try to stay focussed on posture, stride, core, and free muscles. It is much more tiring because of the mental effort, but I think it has improved how I run. Because of this I think that for me yoga does count as cross training. The poses stretch and strengthen muscles, and the practice of minfulness (which is after all an essential element of yoga) will have a beneficial effect on mental fitness and balance.

The mental side of running and physical fitness is complicated for me. If I'm running lots, as I was last summer, I feel great physically and mentally. Almost invincible. If I feel down then muscles tighten, I get inury problems, get more down because I can't run and my whole well-being spirals down. If I can return to regular yoga practice I hope to keep that negative spiral under control. Easier said than done though- work, children, running the house all need my attention. It's hard to find a quiet place in the day.

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