Monday, 17 June 2013

17 June

It's been a while since my last post- I've just been too busy. Trying to take regaining my fitness seriously means the afternoons are a crazy rush of training, school run, sometimes work, all the usual domestic and kids stuff. Days have been too long: 14 hours of non-stopness is usual at the moment. Yoga, sewing and nearly all knitting have disappeared from my life as I just can't do everything and those are things I need to do when not exhausted.

I did my longest non-stop run today since all the injuries and illness started last September. 4.6 miles in 40 minutes! I'm acutely aware of the lack of muscle tone compared to how I was 9 months ago, but I seem to be a stronger runner even if a little flabby. It's not easy sticking to the letter of my training plan- I always want to push myself that bit further- but I know I really must do things by the book if I'm to stay injury free.

In between all the franticness I had to make a wedding present for a friend. It was a labour of love, sweat and tears but worth it in the end:

Isn't she beautiful? Thanks again to the wonderful Sue Stratford- the pattern is from her Knitted Meerkats book

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