Sunday, 10 March 2013


Well, running remains off the agenda. I have  tried to look for small mercies; today was the MK half marathon and it snowed much of the morning so I'm glad I wasn't running in that!

Earlier in the week I went for a bone scan and from what the radiographer let on I have osteopenia. That was very surprising since I've been keeping fit regularly for years and always included some kind of bone-stressing activity. I guess I haven't been eating as much dairy recently and I do drink alcohol (but not to any kind of excess) so maybe my diet is to blame. And the lack of sun here in the miserably cold and wet and gloomy UK. Whatever the cause I have an uncomfortable 10 day wait now to see my GP to get the results of the scan.

It's hard not to feel completely beaten by this. My mood is low because of the lack of exercise and the associated changes in my figure, and it just feels like one set back after another.

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  1. My suggestions are: calcium supplements with half a glass of orange juice daily, and vitamin D supplements too.
    This seems very unfair for you! And why, just why, are you having snow when it's March?!


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