Wednesday, 13 March 2013


So, physio has discharged me because he has fixed the problem he found in my back but it hasn't fixed my running injury in my hip. Maybe the bone scan results will shed some light on what's going on there. In the meantime I can manage a 30 minute fast walk now with a hill or two, and I'm trying very hard to do that each day. It's not easy to be motivated because to me going for a walk just doesn't feel like 'proper' exercise even though I do walk pretty fast. I'm continuing with daily yoga too. Often just 20 minutes but I guess that even a short session of something very gentle and restorative can only be a Good Thing.

I am distracted with LOTS of knitting projects I want to do as well as things I've promised people I'll do. I really have to get started on the bridal meerkat and this weekend need to do some knitted cupcakes for work (we're doing a unit on healthy living). Currently making a large green spider and I just found a really splendid pattern for a fly on that most fabulous site

But this is what I found and bought yesterday:
There are the cutest dinosaurs imaginable and I just want to make them all!

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