Thursday, 27 June 2013

Steady progress

I'm trundling along with training. Visits to the gym have lapsed a bit and I'm only making it there once a week to do some resistance training and once a week for interval sessions on the treadmill. Outside it's been mostly warm and humid and often breezy so road running has been hard work. Still, on Monday I did my longest steady run yet- covering 5.5 miles in 45 minutes! Perhaps I pushed myself a little too much as I've been a bit sore and achy since. It's strange though, that although I'm the same weight as this time last year I feel heavy when I run. Maybe that's down to doing light weights once a week- although I don't bulk up resistance training does make me feel bigger. I'm reluctant to stop all resistance work though since I have to keep my future health in mind: the thought of being a feeble old lady with multiple spinal fractures is a sobering one so I'd better keep my musculature strong so as to place less stress on the bones.

What else? Nothing. Life is a treadmill of work, running/training, kids, housework and neglected knitting projects. O, and trying to keep a bit of yoga going too. I need some fun...

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