Thursday, 15 August 2013

Been a Long Time

At last! Blogspot will let me post something! To be absolutely truthful, I've only had problems trying to write and post something this week; before then life has just got in the way.

I got very busy leading up to the end of term and also went through another (lengthy) bout of insomnia but it didn't stop me running. Now I am almost at the end of my get fit again training and although I didn't quite make it to running 10 miles I can do 7 miles in an hour which is pretty good going consdering the state I was in 6 months ago. So it would seem that I am a stronger, faster runner than before. After the coming week running will take a back seat while I focus on strength and flexibility for a couple of months. Then, well, I have a challenge in mind...

It's been a strange summer. I have hugely enjoyed the hot unlike many of my fellow countrymen. My heat-induced euphoria has been tempered by the fact that the garden has of course wilted and it's not been easy to get things to grow well. Salads have bolted, the heat came a bit late for the beetroot, and the broad beans were disappointing. But the basil that survived slugs is flourishing and we've had some fantastic homemade pesto. I'm not holding out much hope for the tomatoes though. I think the hot and dry weather came a bit late for them- but you never know. It's always fun planting seeds and seeing what happens.

Knitting, like blogging, has also taken a back seat over the last couple of months. But I have got a bit of sewing done and come up with some lovely things for my girlies. A couple of t-shirt dress projects and a fab skirt inspired by a photo seen on

T shirt dress for youngest

8 panelled skirt inspired by hideousdreadfulstinky

A-line dress made free-hand. It's a bit untidy but youngest loves it!

I think it's time I made myself something now!

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