Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Pen versus interweb

This year I thought I'd keep a training diary- the old fashioned sort where you have a book and a pen and write stuff. I had been using an online thing to record runs but it's too easy to get hung up on all the stats those things generate. I love my running and I want to get better and faster, but I'm not a professional athlete so really it's a waste of time analysing all those numbers. It can also be dangerous- seeing my average pace drop can make me do an easy run much too fast, or run further than is sensible for a given day. I do have goals- this year I want to get as close as I can to a 90 minute half marathon- but I mustn't let them take over. Sure I try to keep my S&C work focussed on helping me to run better; I don't mind doing it because it's for a specific purpose rather than just a general 'need to work muscles', and I've really enjoyed the improvements it's made to my running. But if running stops being enjoyable then what's the point?

The diary is also helpful for karate. When I remember to, I make a note of things that seemed particularly important in a karate lesson. I also try to record what I've practised and what the focus was. So today I did kata concentrating on making the movements strong and fast. Pausing between each one if needed but completing each one quickly. My balance was still a bit iffy after the lurgy but it should get back to normal very soon, I hope!

The act of writing makes me think hard about what I've done, more so than typing stuff into an interweb thing. It's a purely personal thing, but it forces me to be honest and direct whereas typing always feels as though I need to present something that appears sleek and neat and acceptable. Having said that, I am being honest in this blog. It's a sort of thinking out loud for anyone who's interested.

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