Friday, 11 September 2015

Running on empty

4 down, 2 to go plus Sunday's half marathon.
Wednesday's tears resulted in a 6:19 min/mile. No wonder I was so exhausted afterwards! I have never run that fast before! Perhaps if I ever run another timed mile I should try it in normal running kit because I'd probably go a bit faster! On the other hand, maybe a morphsuit is more aerodynamic...

can you spot me?

Yesterday was a race around one of MK's many parks. It was a tough one, not just because it was race 4 of 6 in the week but because there was a lot of steep-ish downhill. My downhill running is slowly improving- thanks in part to watching one of Kinetic Revolution's fab videos - but I do still lose time. I didn't much enjoy the cattle grids either. I couldn't risk even walking over them so I had to go through kissing gates 4 times whereas everyone else ran over the grids. But I still remember some advice a good running friend gave me last year when talking me through the Dirt Half route-
 don't see gates or stiles as a bad thing, there to slow you down. Catch your breath and use them as a moment's respite.

In the end once I was running it didn't feel too bad, although at the start I did think I was running on empty. Funny what you can pull out of the bag when you think there's nothing left. There was even enough for a sprint finish! Only just though- it took quite some time to stop shaking sufficiently for me to feel ok to drive back.

So that was 4.35 miles in just over 30 minutes. Enough to put me at 4th lady for the week's races so far. No idea how when I'm racing against 'proper' runners- people who do regular track sessions and drills and all that- and whether I can keep it up I don't know. This evening is a hill race- 2 miles in the woods. My ankles are still feeling it from Tuesday's cross country and I'm mentally drained so not sure how I'll get on today. Bit short on sleep too, but it's a good time now to have an espresso.

On which note I'll make some coffee, have a snack and get ready for the 5the race of the week...

Special thanks to:
Paul and Steve for giving me a talking to (or two) this week

and to all the Redway Runners who've turned up to give support and encouragement at the Tour races

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