Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Heavy things

Since running is out the window for now I've decided to try to rekindle my love for weights. I used to love using weights and found the discipline and rhythm of it almost meditative. What I didn't like was that once I got very fit and strong it made me a bit agressive. Since I've been running and practising yoga regularly I prefer the fluid movement I find in those activities rather than the slightly edgy way I have of moving when I train with weights a lot. But not being able to run has meant I've lost so much muscle tone that it's time I did something about that. I'm hoping that if I stick to light weights and continue with regular yoga practice I can rebuild strength without losing freedom of movement.

Inspired by my children's karate teacher, Sensei Gareth, ( I'm also trying hard to eat more mindfully. I don't need to lose weight but not being able to take the kind of exercise I'm used to makes it doubly important to take care of what I eat and make sure it's all good stuff. Being vegetarian (more or less) I can't follow even a modified paleo diet, but I can eat more fruit and rely a bit less on toast! I've completely failed on the alcohol front though. Wine helps to suppress this horrid cough that I can't quite shift and it does work well with ibuprofen to dull the hip pain.

On a lighter note, I'm now knitting a honey bee.

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  1. In our house, we regard toast as a food group of its own :)
    EtOH and ibuprofen? Must tut-tut on behalf of your liver, my dear.


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