Monday, 4 February 2013

Progress, perhaps

Well the running's on hold for now. Managed to get an appointment with my GP who's ordered a bone density scan and things so although nothing is happening right now at least things are moving in the right direction. This evening I tried out a new yoga DVD (Christine Felstead) which is aimed at runners. It was ok though not quite what I was expecting. It's a faster pace than the other DVDs I have (all Barbara Benagh who is just great) with a few new poses and so I can cover more ground in less time so to speak.

In the meantime I've started knitting a caterpillar for my latest project. I'm a bit concerned that in DK yarn it's going to end up a bit bigger than I want but as I've not used the pattern before I can only knit it and see. The green I'm using is a bit yuck- a kind of silky cotton sort of texture but I'm using some fluffy very fine yarn with it for a bit of interest. The pattern is from
although I have the UK edition.

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