Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Ups and Downs

It was a very busy weekend. There was the usual rush on homework (and the usual tantrums from my eldest!). My 6 year old produced a fantastic piece of writing for her Fire of London project. Apart from asking me for some spelllings she did it all by herself. Here's  page of it:

She used speech marks, exclamation marks, a semi-colon, complex connectives, paragraphs and some wonderful vocabulary. Where did it all come from?!

As well as homework we did lots of Chinese New Year activities- dragon making, colouring in of snakes and dragons, fortune cookie baking- although as usual I ended up on lantern-making!

What about running? Runing remains off limits and I spent the weekend in so much pain. With the children at home and needing attention most of the time I barely found time to do any stretching. Yesterday I finally managed 2 short yoga sessions and that has made so much difference. This morning I was even up extra early to fit in a short burst of yoga. I think the half an hour spent teaching dance to some of my year 5 children this afternoon was a bit much though as I can feel my hip in particular really tightening up now.

Time now to get out the mat and undo the damage of the day.

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