Sunday, 24 February 2013

What a week!

It's the end of half term and the end of a very busy week indeed. Today as part of our year's investigation into the celebrations of other cultures we had our own version of Purim and the end of Lunar New Year festivities. As a bit of extra multicultural spice, youngest insisted I make curry for our celebration meal.

Two sorts of curry, and cocktail umbrellas in the girlies' drinks. Plus party poppers.
We did attempt Hamantaschen. The children each made a fruit filling and I made the pastry. I think it ended up more free-style than the tradtional shape, but it was fun. And as far as the pastry went, not a soggy bottom in sight!

In stitching news: Today I finished mummy and baby platypus and have almost made a Fuschia Groan outfit for eldest for the upcoming World Book Day. We're dressing up for it at work too but I miss out this year as I have to be in hospital that day. Boo. I love dressing up!

Platypuses. I got the nostrils in the wrong place!
 Running news: I haven't been able to train for 3 weeks now, but this weekend I have been pain free for the first time! Physio is booked for the coming week but if I can I'll try a 10 minute gentle run tomorrow just to see what happens. Competing in the marathon in May is looking unlikely but right now I have to settle just for getting fit and strong again and maybe find another marathon to attempt later in the year.

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