Saturday, 6 October 2018

A week to go...

As I type this I'm wondering how far into the race I'll be in a week's time. Leg 2 certainly, but not sure how far in.

It's been a time of weather-watching and last moment (mostly unfounded) panics. The week ahead is looking mild, settled and most likely set for a warm weekend which is great. It means less of a kit faff, fewer changes of clothes needed and, as I struggle with the cold, a mild night will work in my favour. All this suggests that as long as I keep control of eating and my mental state getting round the course is absolutely doable. But of course it's the mind games that's the trickiest part of ultra running.

As for the mind games I've been having nightmares: I'm chased round the course by hornets until I get timed out. The fear of failure is really bothering me so I guess I'll just have to not fail! It also feels so unreal. Is this actually going to happen? What is it going to be like? I have now covered almost every mile of the course so I know what it looks like, what it should be like underfoot, where the tricky turns are, yet it feels like deep, unexplored territory. Well from the mental side I guess it is.

From the practical side pretty much everything is ready now. Clothes will get sorted this evening or tomorrow. I've devised a couple of extra food options which will need bagging up: Asda do 'shots' of various berries, chocolate and nut combinations so I'm combing the cranberry and white chocolate one with the cherries and cashews one (might add in a few other nuts too). It throws a slightly different texture and flavour combination into the mix so hopefully now I will have something that I can eat at any point in the race.

All the stuff, but maybe I need a bigger drop bag!